We will help you make business decisions

We provide market research, analysis and dedicated solutions in the field of business consulting.

Model of operation

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Advising in the service of development

For 10 years we have been helping our customers prepare to enter new markets, introduce new products or develop sales. We operate in all areas where market information matters.

We are an independent organization, created exclusively by students. We operate under the care of academics of the University of Economics in Poznan.
This allows us to offer high-quality solutions at a competitive price.

Knowledge of the phenomena and processes taking place on the market facilitates making business decisions. Our consultants specialize in market, competition and customer analysis.

Developing strategies and conducting promotional activities are our dedicated solutions for acquiring new customers and increasing sales.

Information matters

Our research enables you to learn about market trends, competition activities and consumer preferences.

  1. Market analysis

    We will prepare the characteristics of the industry in which you operate and identify market trends and barriers.

  2. Competition analysis

    We will identify the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors and the sources of competitive advantage in the sector.

  3. Customer research

    We will check who your customers are and what their preferences are.

Our operating model

Junior enterprise is a non-profit organization, managed exclusively by students, whose business is to provide services to people, businesses and institutions. JE’s goal is not to make a profit, but to develop practical skills for its members.

Thanks to this form of activity, members of the organization have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in business practice in the most effective way.

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